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Passing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006, the US Government effectively reduced the online gambling market in America. However, despite the Act, there were still a few online poker sites that accepted US players. Again, in 2011, the US Government shut down major poker sites that provided services to American poker players. The situation became such that there were just a handful of poker sites where Americans were accepted. Today, however, there are quite a few reputed online poker sites that still accept US players.



There are a number of legal issues surrounding US poker sites. However, it is perfectly legal to play poker online in the United States. The problems arise when the time comes to deposit money into the online poker account. UIGEA prevents banks and financial institutions in the United States from funding gambling related transactions. Online poker sites could not receive funds from American financial institutions according to the Act. Deposit options like debit and credit cards became unavailable for US citizens. As a result, real money online poker became a major hassle. Additionally, the ambiguity of the law prompted the online poker sites to play it safe. Some of the popular poker sites servicing the huge American gambling market decided to pull out, leaving few options for players, but you can visit for best online poker experience.


Online poker players in the United States had little choice as there were very few poker sites accepting their money. The problem arose because there were few banking options to fund their poker account. The UIGEA however, did not prevent players from gambling online. They could play so long as their state of residence permitted it. Some American states clearly ban online gambling. Texas, Florida, California and Nevada for example, consider online gambling illegal. Playing poker at US online poker sites is a legal grey area. However, state laws are applicable to players, and these laws differ from state to state.

In spite of the restrictions, there are still some online poker sites that have found the means to accept US players. In fact, some sites like Bovada Poker cater exclusively to American clientele by offering US friendly banking options. The best poker site that accept US players is Bovada Poker.


By now, you must have realized that the best US poker sites are those that allow funding of the poker account with the help of various banking methods. Since American credit card or banking companies do not allow transactions to and from online poker sites, players have to rely on other methods. These include e-wallets and e-checks or, players could also use the money transfer option. However, there are a few poker sites that do accept credit cards. Credit cards are by far the easiest and the most convenient method to fund an online poker account. It is quick and reliable too. And, if any poker site accepts US players while also offering credit cards as a deposit/withdrawal option, it is definitely worth considering in case you are on the lookout for an online poker room.


The American player as well as the online poker industry hopes that things will change as regards the legality of online poker in future. Many efforts are on to get the government to regulate online poker in the US by providing licenses to the poker room operators and subject it to taxes. If these efforts are fruitful then it will be good news for the American poker player while the government too would earn substantial revenues from online poker rooms.  However, as the situation stands today, there are quite a few reputed online poker sites that offer membership to American players so they can still play poker online. All that is required is some diligent research to find the ideal one.